Walking Baja in 100 Days for a Cause

Walking the coastline of the Baja California peninsula in 100 days during the Spring/Summer might seem impossible, but that is exactly what John and Rachel Pack of the Baja Good Life Club are attempting to do. Leaving San Felipe, their quest began May 12 with the hope of reaching Cabo San Lucas and returning to Rosarito Beach by August 20th.

The charities in Baja California inspired the Pack's to train for and complete this amazing feat. In an effort to help charities supporting children, animals and the environment through donations and awareness, they have made it easy to assist the charity of your choice through a direct donation or even participating by walking a mile alongside the Pack's in your Baja community. Simply go to their website (http://bajagoodlife.com/baja-100-day-challenge/) to see how you can help and also to follow along virtually through their video and blog updates plus a daily tracker on a map to see how far they have progressed.

We wish them luck and hope you can help this great cause.