The Slow Baja Winter Expedition 2024 - Day 1

When my good friend & travel buddy Michael Emery of the Slow Baja Podcast called and invited me to join him on the inaugural Slow Baja Winter Expedition it was a no-brainer. He would be leading a group of Baja enthusiasts on 7-day Baja road trip to San Ignacio, Baja California Sur and back to the border.  I then found out that Baja amigo Matthew Schnitzer of Barbers for Baja (if you don't know all the good they are doing for the children of Baja, click on the link and help them!) would be going along as well so we could kick off Baja Beisbol , I was100% in! I needed someone to road trip with me so was excited when my brother Mike and my good college friend John decided to come along on what would be an epic and memorable trip south of the border. The group Emery was leading included seasoned Baja travelers and as well as newbies to the peninsula. Each day was different and exciting. The experience consisted of visiting the various landscapes of the Baja peninsula from the Pa

Deckman’s in the Valle De Guadalupe by Baja's Michelin Star Chef Drew Deckman

Deckman's En El Mogor is one of the regions top restaurants and a must-visit for foodies to the Valle de Guadalupe. Michelin Star Chef Drew Deckman has come up with a locally-sourced, fresh and rotating menu daily. If you have the opportunity, don't the miss the experience. And as they say at Deckman's, "Slow Food, not fast food." Deckman's en el Mogor Ensenada-Tecate Highway Km. 85.5, San Antonio de Las Minas, 22766 Valle de Guadalupe, B.C., Mexico  Reservations recommended

Baja XL Rally - A look back at the 2019 Race

Photos & Story by Ted Donovan “Anyone. By Anything. By Any Means.” The 2019 Baja XL Rally stages With the Baja XL Rally Race returning in January/February 2025, I thought I'd post some of my photos, in stages, of the Baja XL Race in January/February 2019 that Michael Emery and I tackled. For those of you that don't know, the Baja XL is a rally race from Los Angeles to Los Cabos and back in 10 days. In 2019, we had overnights at Rancho El Coyote, Catavina, Puerto Lopez Mateos, Todos Santos, Cabo Pulmo, Ciudad Constitucion, Bahia Concepcion/Mulege, Mission San Borja and San Felipe and then back to the US. From the organizers: "The BAJA XL is a minimal assistance road rally. There are no rescue trucks, medical helicopters or travel guides. You have to rely on your own wits and resources to get out of trouble. The BAJA XL is open to “anyone by anything”. If it’s street legal you can drive it. The rally is open to cars, motorcycles, trucks and whatever