Tijuana - A Sunday Afternoon on Avenida Revolucion

We decided to take a quick trip across the border to check out how world-famous Avenida Revolucion is doing with the decrease in tourism to Tijuana. I figured walking over late on a Sunday afternoon for dinner and shopping might afford us the shortest pedestrian line when we returned back across the border.

I was surprised to see hundreds and hundreds of people attending not only a music/car show but also walking the famous street. Nothing like "pre-9/11" and "pre-drug cartel violence" Tijuana when thousands of tourists from the U.S. and the world would fill the street, clubs, and restaurants. But a vast improvement on my visit last summer when I felt like I walked into a post-apocalyptic war zone with grafitti, closed businesses a block long and fewer pedestrians. Very happy to see signs of life in the few shops, bars and restaurants that were open.

Please enjoy some photos from the trip. If you need more information about Tijuana please see http://www.mexonline.com/cityguide-tijuana.htm

Flood control channel on the Tijuana River
Crossing the Tijuana River
Viagra Soup Anyone? Great sign at Tijuana restaurant
Viagra Soup Anyone?

Tijuana's Arch at beginning of Ave. Revolucion
The Arch - beginning of Ave. Revolucion

Tijuana classic at car show
Tijuana classic at car show
Sunset on Avenida Revolucion - Tijuana
Sunset on Avenida Revolucion

Photo on Tijuana's Donkey (Zonkey)?
Photo on a Tijuana's Donkey (Zonkey)?


Anonymous said…
Great photos! Haven't been to Tijuana in 10 years. Glad to see it's revival.