September 17th - Hurricane Odile Updates, Information, Photos


Beachfront in Los Cabos

September 17th - Hurricane Odile slammed into the Baja Peninsula on September 14th at night. Significantly damaging Los Cabos, La Paz, Loreto and Mulege plus the smaller local communities. There are many reports, updates, photos and information out there so we decided to place some of the information in this blog post which we will update for the next few days.

We will keep contact information at the top followed by a chronological order of information. Most current information first.

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U.S. State Department’s Overseas Citizen Services at 1-888-407-4747

U.S. Consulate in Tijuana has an email for information/assistance;

U.S. Emergency tel: (619) 692-2154

Los Cabos Consular Agency (An extension of the Consulate in Tijuana)
Las Tiendas de Palmilla L-B221, Km. 27.5 Carretera Transpeninsular
San José del Cabo, Baja California Sur C.P. 23406
Fax: (52)(624)143-6750

Here is a link with the U.S. Embassy & U.S. Consulates in Mexico:

Link to Mexican Embassies in U.S./Canada;

Red Cross (Cruz Rojo Mexicana) Cabo; (624) 143-7869
Red Cross (Cruz Rojo Mexicana) La Paz; (612) 122-1222

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If you are thinking of driving down the Baja peninsula, here's a couple reasons not to.

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Facebook update from

Facebook post from Scorpion Bay Hotel in San Juanico;

"To those who want to help the victims of Odile in Baja California Sur, NOW IS THE TIME to come to the aid of our brothers and sisters who desperately need our help after the devastating Category 3 Hurricane Odile pounded the Peninsula last Sunday.

Tavo Vildosola, along with Cameron Steele, Tim Sanchez, Ryan Thomas, Oscar Ramos and many others are putting together a plan, in conjunction with the Mexican Red Cross, that will allow for the distribution of much needed supplies to the hardest hit regions in Baja.

Vildosola’s Mexicali based Mexicana Logistics has committed to utilizing a portion of his fleet of semi trucks to transport relief items to a centrally located staging location on the peninsula as early as this Friday afternoon. Oscar Ramos has arranged for police/military escorts for our caravans.
Plans for how and where relief items will be distributed from the staging location are still being formulated and current road conditions will dictate some of this. However, an elite group of experienced racers/chasers with capable vehicles will be used to help move relief items from the staging location to remote/difficult to reach locations throughout the affected areas on the peninsula.
Your donation of any of the following items will be greatly appreciated and responsibly distributed to those in need.

 Please remember any quantity helps.
• Canned food/goods of any kind
• Bottled water
• Diapers
• Bleach
• Cleaning supplies
• Buckets
• Brooms
• Towels / blankets
Ship or deliver from 8am-5pm to:
Mexicana Logistics US HQ
7734 Formula Place
San Diego, CA 92121
Ship or deliver from 8am-5pm to:
Mexicana Logistics Mex HQ
Calzada de las Americas #951
Col. Compuertas. Mexicali, BC 21218
(Cruzando la calle del Colegio de las Americas)
Email questions, ideas etc to:"



Here's a PDF of the flights Volaris Airlines flew today out of Los Cabos. I assume they will do the same tomorrow;


Bahia de Los Angeles declared a disaster zone. More photos at

Supplies leaving Ensenada, heading for Bahia de Los Angeles;


Read about Alaska Airlines relief flights to Cabo and how they are getting people back to the U.S.;

This was in Red means the road can not be passed, Yellow that you can get around it off road. Basically until it's fixed it would not be advised to drive Baja Hwy 1.Only experienced Baja drivers should attempt.

"Latest news received from Mulege at 4:00 pm today.

Town is still a mess but improving very slowly. Still no power or water or phone or internet, maybe within 36-48 hours. Roads North and South at least as far as Loreto and Santa Rosalia are somewhat open, but very little traffic. Flooding in Mulege was worse than first saw. Saul had about 6 foot of water. Problems at Albas, the Johnson's house and gift shop, SAPA and new clinic. Lots of mucking out going on, destroyed furniture in muddy piles in the street and lots of discouraged people hard at it trying to put their lives back together. Firehouse is okay. Ayleth and Pinguino were open using generators. Shelves are getting bare.

Rumor is that Santa Rosalia has phone and power restored and that a large power plant is being shipped from Guaymas bound for Mulege. Jorge had been able to get to Santa Rosalia and back - two hours each way, and was able to get lots of Pemex which is badly needed for all who use generators. Pemex on the highway had Pemex Red available..

Nothing much new on the bay. Things are slowly drying out, and lots of hope that the last report of Hurricane Polo missing the Baja are true. Water is running out at the beaches and at Posada on the Hill and with no pumps in town, that will be the situation for awhile.

Looks like it will take about a week to get most things back to normal. Many of the residents in Oasis, Orchard and East have had mud and water at least 5' deep.

Be sure to check road conditions before deciding to head down. There is little that can be done in the next week or two as opposed to the next few days. There are no support facilities to help at this moment.

Still don't know much about the people beyond the Mission as a large part of the road to the Mission is gone. The river cut itself a new channel where the road used to be.

That's it for now. I will keep everyone informed as I hear more. "

Posted on Baja Nomad


Really good news from

"Loreto just informed the BBP that their airport is open and they are accepting inbound and outbound flights.  La Paz, Los Cabos, and Cabo San Lucis are still closed.  It was indicated that they are only only issuing flight plans to other International airports as well as Guerrero Negro.  They indicate that they will not issue flight plans to any of the small strips.

They also indicated that the town has electricity however there is no water.  And the credit card machines at the airport do not work, bring cash."


We received an update from that the town of San Felipe was not affected by Hurricane Odile.


Good news from

We know there is a lot of talk about Polo, which is now a hurricane, hitting Cabo this weekend. According to this model from, looks like it will miss it.


Good news post from
Thank you Captain tony's restaurant!

American Airlines and US Airways are operating flights, tomorrow, Thursday, Sept. 18, from Los Cabos -!travelPolicy


From BajaBushPilots

'In talking with DHS, Mexico has started their airlift transporting US citizens from Cabo to Tijuana and then transporting them by bus to the border.  It was indicated that there were several flights yesterday and they are expecting more today.  They also went on to say that even though many are lacking documents, (passports) they are expediting the process to allow people to get back into the states just as soon as possible. 
Our hats are off to both the Mexican and US governments for expediting this massive airlift.   
And we continue to get calls and email from members (and non members) who wish to contribute service and/or money.  If you wish to help out in this massive mission, please contact us. 
Our Foundation is a tax deductible 501 (c) (3) corporation and is dedicated to, among other things, general aviation including search and rescue, evacuation, and disaster relief through the transport and distribution of food and supplies in the United States and countries in the western hemisphere to provide humanitarian services in time of need.  At this time it has a little over $5,000
We are looking for donations for this cause.  The BBP has contributed over $10,000 for relief efforts in the past.  The BBP does not have that kind of money now.  Your help in funding our efforts is critical. Please send an email to the BBP office if you can help out regarding our aircraft/relief needs.
If you can help out with money, our attorney indicates that you can use your credit card to contribute and we will move that deposit into the Foundation account.  Call the office with your credit card and we will mail you a recept.
Our hearts go out to the people of Baja and how they must be suffering.  The BBP is stepping up to the plate and hopeful that all who enjoy the pleasure, people, and friendship that we gain in Mexico will also step up and donate to this critical cause."
v: 480 730 3250
f: 480 730 3251
Bush Pilot Foundation
149 W Boston Street
Chandler, AZ, 85225


Bay Area residents still stuck in Cabo after Hurricane Odile


Facebook post of Cabo damage from

According to Baja Insider......

"Most of the significant damage happened once again to the marine community in La Paz. Lots of boats washed up on the shore of the Magote, one person lost, two still missing. The marinas fared well this time around. No losses at Bercovich Boat Works and CostaBaja only had H1 conditions at 4AM. Atalanta boat yard lost probably 2/3's of the vessels there in dry storage. But there is a 'fool me once..." joke in that one somewhere, sorry for you folks that didn't know that one in advance but the dry storage yard is in a geographic funnel. Many boats there may qualify as a total losses. Most of the beached boats on the Magote are sound, but WELL up into the shallows.
As to the city of La Paz, at 10AM Monday little old ladies were out sweeping the streets in front of their homes.

Teens took down the fallen trees in 30 minutes at our house and the streets are rain abused but all open. A huge section of the La Paz Stadium was blocking 4 de Mayo yesterday as a light tower blew into the street taking much of the upper loge with it as it fell.

Gasoline is a precious commodity, long lines and buy limits of 20 liters at the few that are open. Long lines at the La Paz airport for those looking to go home, some trying to escape Cabo where SJD remains closed as of earlier today. Baja's Hwy 1 is open with some deviations south of Loreto, watch for fallen rocks in passes. Ferry service has resumed and is the main escape from La Paz to the mainland, folks fly out of Mazatlan. Looting has been a minor problem in La Paz but a major one in Cabo where cops seem to be enjoying a second Independence Day.

Major chain stores are reopened with limited stocks. Power is still out for more than 1/2 the city but coming back on at a good clip. More than 300 CFE trucks were dispatched from the mainland to La Paz and Cabo San Lucas. More photos as internet bandwidth becomes available."


According to the San Diego Union Tribune;

"Alfonso Padrés Pesqueira, a Mexican transportation official, issued a statement Wednesday saying that roads in affected area remain closed. About 300 yards of highway in Baja California near Bahia de Los Angeles were destroyed by water, and another segment was hit by landslides. Repairs are on hold because of continuing stormy weather."


Message from Las Ventanas al Paraiso;


"News announcement from Radio Kashana in Sta. Rosalia today (also posted on Mulege thread).

Please excuse any typos I might have made...You can read the original in Spanish here: lt; br />
Two missing, one injured, damage incalculable in wake of Odile in Mulege.

Hurricane Odile passed through Santa Rosalia, BCS the night of Sept. 15th as a Category 1 storm. The majority of the population was left without internet service at about 6 pm, when there was a complete blackout as well as cell service in town.

Radio stations that have their repeater stationed in Sta. Rosalia also stopped functioning at that time, leaving the population without communication (as of this edition, the signal still has not been reestablished), with the only means of communication being spotty land line connections.

On Sept. 16 at midday electricity was restored and on Sept. 17 both internet and cell service was back up. In the town of Mulege they are still without electricity as of 3 pm Sept. 17.

The meeting of the Municipal Board for Civil Protection that took place at 1 pm Wednesday Sept. 17 in the regional offices of SEP in Sta. Rosalia resulted in a number of agreements between the diverse agencies that make up the board. The board is calling on the residents of Santa Rosalia and all of the municipality of Mulege to spread this message however possible.

- There will not be potable water service for 10 days between Palo Verde and Santa Rosalia.
- There will be no classes throughout the municipality until further notice
- Food vending on the street is strictly prohibited
- Travel from Santa Rosalia south to La Paz has been restored, from Sta. Rosalia north is still pending where there are 6 cuts in the road before Vizcaino.

In San Ignacio there is report of one injury which occured after Gilberto Villa Romero crashed his car. He suffered a head head injury and a perforated lung, both of which are life-threatening.
When they found themselves without communication, the local board made the decision to place the injured man at the top of the list to be transported when the helicopter, requested from the Fed. govt., arrived.

In Sta. Rosalia Kyoung Jin Park, general manager of the Boleo mine, as well a another representative of the mine, have been reported missing. Park has not been seen since Sept. 15 when the hurricane passed through town, and the car that he used was found the next day at the port, with the lights on and floating within the tons of debris the arroyo carried to the port.

These are the casualties that have been reported up to this time in the aftermath of Hurricane Odile. Property damage has not been calculated, but they have not been extraordinary considering the extent of the storm. Water, food, mattresses, blankets and other supplies will be delivered shortly by air to those communities that are still incommunicado. "

Post from


YachtAid Global proving Hurricane Odile assistance;


According to Pueblo Bonito Resorts, they have cel coverage in Cabo and their Sunset resort now has WiFi.


Message from Jonathan Roldan of Tailhunter International in La Paz. Check out photos on his Facebook page;

"To all our Facebook friends and all the tons of your writing. I'm sorry for not posting. This is the first time we've had internet in 4 days. Things getting kind bad here. No water...electricity...cell phone (they are saying maybe 1 month down)...and now gasoline. Long lines everywhere. We are told there's 30,000 people stuck in Cabo as the airport is closed with serious damage. Almost 3000 people tried to get on 3 planes this morning at La Paz Airport and there are some reported fight breaking out.
La Paz is a mess. Trees gone. Power lines draped over everything. Windows shattered. Telphone poles and palm trees snapped in half.
We were fortunately able to evacuate almost all our clients here and send them home or get them to the airport or ferry boat . There's looting that has started too. So, we're a bit under seige now. Trying to clean up but hard to do with no power or water...cell phone or internet (only have it for a few minutes). But, everyone is fine. I'm fine. Jill is fine. We need a shower...and an ICY BEER!!! But, we'll make it through.
We're telling everyone who has reservations to check their flights because you'll probably find out it's canceled. We'll postpone or re-schedule your vacations or adjust money! We want everyone safe! Losing signal now. Gotta run!"


Photo of Hyatt Ziva courtesy of


Mulege photos from Photobucket account of FishnBaja1
Click on link for more;

Some of the 5,000 tourists to leave Los Cabos today

BAJA California Relief Shirt ($10 per shirt goes to relief)
This is not our company

"Phone and internet lines seem to be working again at least in Cabo San Lucas" according to

Downed powerline in Cabo



Photo showing flooded Hwy 1 north of Bahia de Los Angeles from Spanish-language newspaper;


Quickly found a map that lists some of the communities we are updating here
Loreto update posted to our Facebook page by

Here are a couple options for you to donate and help with the recovery after Odile. I have received personal emails from these individuals/groups stating it is legitimate, but you need to do your own homework. Unfortunately, peopl take advantage of disasters. - Cabo natives now in college in U.S. gathering funds to help. - Mulege native helping her community. Now in university in California and will be collecting goods to take to Mulege. - College student helping Los Cabos, her hometown. Funds possibly to got to Catholic church to help the poor.


Rescue flights from Southwest & AirTran Airways for today;


Report from our property manager in cabo...

"Good morning. It is Tuesday Sept 16, 6:25 AM.

I want to give you all the perspective of actual situation. In the last 72 hours I have slept probably 5 hours and had no rest.

There is no electricity in all town. I cant see an electrical post standing up. Next to my house there is a high tension tower on the ground. To have power back might take two weeks at least in certain areas.

There is no phone landlines and no internet.

There is no water supply as the aqueduct is broken in pieces. To have water back might take weeks.

No banks, no supermarkets, no bussiness. Means no food so if you are coming to Cabo to burros damage be prepare and bring your own food.

There is no fuel. Personally we need to use the vehicles wisely otherwise we will need to start moving by walking.

All properties has damage, some of them are severe and others not. I tried to get to must of them yesterday but roads are damaged in some points washed out. From San Jose Downtown to PLC took me 40 minutes in a high truck. I will be sending pictures and reports to each one of you as soon as possible. Cellular connexion is down right now.

In my opinion it is important you come down to burros the damage and to help. We are exhausted down here; locally we are dealing with several problems: our homes flooded on the best case but in other cases, specially our cleaning and maintenance staff they lost everything. My office and my wife store has severe damage; her office was washed out. Every document in my office is wet or hummed, some computers are floating.

From my staff I don't know too much: Daniela was with me yesterday and we made it to PLC properties in the afternoon. I went to some properties in the morning hours in Cabo area and the corridor, specially those were there were staff or guests. Karla, reported and she went to Pedregal and Cabo area; at Hacienda Resort there is no access to property managers until they have set insurance claims (nonses). In PLC I was with Alfonso who reported he took care of the house he takes care and he inspected all others in the area with Daniela and me. I couldn't make it to El Encanto because it was too late but I received a text from Gabby; she, Suzett and Rafa Ramirez will try to get there today.

The people that works and depend on me are about 70 among office staff, property managers, house keepers and cleaning staff. There is a group of contractors, probably a number of 14 contractors which work for me exclusively. I think that totals about 40 families in deep need of help. They are our operation force and they will need our support.


We need:

1. Drinking water.
2. Batteries AA, AAA, C and D.
3. We need flashlights.
4. Power generators, various. I personally will appreciate and pay for two large ones to make my office and my house operate.
5. Cash, preferable in pesos for the staff. Yesterday was pay day; we ask the banks on Friday for their payroll but no ATMS and NO BANKS.
6. Need your permission, voluntary, to let me use your vehicles as there are no FUEL. Must of the PEMEX stations disappear.
7. Clothes for the staff.
8. Sheets, towels, bedspreads for the staff.
9. Canned food.
10. First aid kits.
11. Antibacterial gel.

As soon as my office staff is back, I hope today or tomorrow, I will have Alejandra and Laura working in insurance follow up only. I hope my server works so we can access and get the policies. This will delay our billing monthly process; I need to ask you that you help me by wiring money so our cash flow doesn't stop; No need to do this now as there are no banks, but in a couple of weeks I am sure it will be needed; this money will be the monthly funds you wire to be use for your property expenses only and it will be reflected in your statements.

Rentals and or vacation trips must be postpone; I figure that for the next month or two town will be a mess with a lot of services broken. Houses with severe damage will take longer than 3 months to be back in operation. Carpenters, aluminum contractors, glass contractors, windows and doors contractors, painters, electricians, etc will be saturated of work.

As the day flows and I get signal and time I will be sending pictures of the properties I already visited.


Gabby and Rafa (pool guy) as well as Jorge (maintenance) made it to EL ENCANTO. She mentioned that hard damage is a common denominator among all properties. She gave me a list which I will type later for EL ENCANTO owners.


All major food wholesaler has been washed out by the people. It is hard to live a time when people has lost humanity. The rippers are not poor people. This is scary, they are not taking food only. This is so sad.

I hope our office and houses staff starts to regather today.

I hope that at least cellular network reestablish today.

Last night I was told by one of the radio reporters that the airport is seriously damaged; the control tower disappear and both terminals have several damages.

We have guests in Pedregal, one couple, that needs to be evacuated as well as a property owner in El Encanto # 24. "


Francisco J. Luna.
Francisco Luna Property Management.


9-17-2014 at 10:47 AM

"I just heard from Ernesto, one of my Technician Friends in TS. He was able to get out on the Internet over TelCel a few minutes ago, about 12:30 PM their time. Internet comes and goes.

He reports it's a total freaking disaster there. No power, no water, little food, and the banks are obviously out of commissions so no money. No soldiers there yet as they're focusing on La Paz and CSL"

Post on Baja Nomad


President Nieto on the ground in Los Cabos, see photos at


Facebook update from

For Spanish speakers from


9-17-2014 at 08:54 AM

"Our friend in Mulege sent an email yesterday. Here are some excepts from it.

Just Back from Mulege, Will try and keep brief as the internet seems to be going in and out. Mulege is a mess. Lots of flooding and mud, no power or water as of now, extensive damage along the river. Jorge's and La Fortuna Parks, water place under the bridge, show signs of major flooding. Roofs gone, walls missing, etc. Town itself is a mess from the runoff from surrounding hills, but no significant wind damage. Not sure how bad it is in the Orchard or Oasis; Serenidad got about 6" of muddy water so assume they got it a lot worse. The "new" road along the river and the lower bridge seem to have survived. Lower road is closed on the town side due to debris before the new bridge.

The "hill" at Posada came through okay with a few homes having some tiles blown off and some thatch gone. Probably some water inside from leaking roofs. One abandon house has a wall collapse.

Posada on the beach has lots of debris in the streets but no obvious damage. The guard is on duty. The road to the North part of the beach is closed (washed out). Two sailboats moored out front of the beach washed ashore. One boat on a trailer in storage tipped over and is resting against a small yellow catamaran."

Post from Baja Nomad


Facebook update from Secrets Marquis Los Cabos;

Last night's update from the U.S. Consulate in Tijuana -

Facebook update from

Photo showing tourists evacuated in Mexican military plane
Article in Spanish;

Here is a link from Land's End DMC about shipping items to the people of Baja California Sur. If you would like to help, please contact them.



Photos of Cabo from Kathi Hammer's Facebook page

Here are some images of Pescadero from United4Baja

Mesquital Wash
"Hi...this is Kristin Gerde, owner of Casitas San Juanico.  I haven't heard anything about how San Juanico itself made it through Odile, but will write more when I know.  I am currently in the US. These are some photos of the arroyo at Mesquital, washed out for the 3rd time in 5 yrs. The people are standing on the south side of the arroyo, which perhaps means that the long elevated crossing over the arroyo at San Gregorio may have survived. I will let you know when I know, but it looks like San Juanico is not accessible for now."


"I just got off the land line phone at the police station in Bahia Asuncion. Well amigos, once again Asuncion has proved an amazing place to live. Yes there were stong winds but very little rain so no flooding! Whew...did you all hear that huge sigh of relief.

There is no cell service or internet but land lines seem to work on and off. The cell tower in Sta.Rosalia was knocked down and there is no paso to Vizcaino. The buses from the north stop at Guerrro Negro as the big arroyo between GN & Vizcaino is running as they received lots of rain. "

Shari at


Facebook update from

The Hilton Los Cabos Beach & Golf Resort has updated its statement concerning the hurricane. "All guests and team members at Hilton Los Cabos Beach & Golf Resort have been accounted for and are reported safe. At this early stage, we do not have a definitive assessment of the damage. Our immediate priority is to care for our guests and team members and we are doing everything we can to minimize the effect on them. Currently, our team is assisting guests, providing meals and water, and trying to keep them as comfortable as possible. The hotel continues working with the local authorities and our tourism partners in the area. As a reminder, the Los Cabos airport remains closed until further notice. At this time, the hotel is closed to arrivals and no longer accepting reservations. Guests with existing reservations should call 1-800-HILTONS."


Esperanza, An Auberge Resort says, "Hurricane Odile has passed through Cabo San Lucas and everyone at Esperanza is safe, however the hotel did sustain damage from the high winds and rain. We are assessing the extent of the damage and repairs over the next few days and will let everyone know when we expect to reopen. Thanks to our guests and homeowners for their amazing support and the warm wishes."


More information on how you can help;