The Cross Border Xpress (CBX) skybridge to the Tijuana Airport

Cross Border Express CBX

Are you flying out of Tijuana? But live in California or the U.S.? Well there is a simple solution to crossing the border without all of the hassle of the long border lines and waiting. It's the Cross Border Xpress or simply CBX. Located in Otay Mesa (San Diego), and directly across the border from the Tijuana Airport (TIJ), CBX is the easiest, fastest way to access flights leaving/arriving from Tijuana.

Here's some details:

-CBX is an enclosed pedestrian skybridge that spans the US/Mexico border.
-You must purchase a ticket either online or at the CBX counters to use it.
-Only ticketed passengers flying out of or into Tijuana may use CBX.
-Current costs range from $16 one way to $30 round trip (as of Jan 2019).

-You must have your passport (or other accepted ID), boarding pass & CBX ticket to use CBX.
-There is a mobile app ticket you can present instead of paper (see their website for details).
-CBX is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

-Crossing using CBX is the same as crossing any US/Mexico border, all laws apply.
-US Customs will be present and check your passport/luggage on your return.

-The CBX building is in the US, but has employees on both sides to assist you.
-AeroMexico, Calafia, Interjet & Volaris have ticket counters at CBX for assistance.
-CBX has a 24 hour paid parking lot available.
-Other transportation options include Uber/Lyft, Taxis or the CBX shuttle.

-CBX has a Starbuck's, a food truck and vending machines. There is also free WiFi.

The CBX website link is at the bottom of the article.

Please follow this "photo walk-through" of what to expect using CBX from a recent trip.

Cross Border Xpress on San Diego Tijuana border
This is the outside of the CBX building for drop off. To the left is overnight parking.

CBX provides free luggage carriers which you exchange for another one on Tijuana side.

The three flags of California, Mexico and the United States

Check in counters just like an airport. You can buy your pass here, check in for your flight or simply ask a question. You will need to carry your bags across (they don't check bags here)

On the left side of the counters (above) is the entrance to the bridge. You will need to fill out a declarations form (there are tables and pens available). Here an employee will check your ticket, passport, airline ticket and form.

Once you enter and pass through a duty free shop, you will head onto the bridge to cross to Mexico.
There's only one way to go and it's enclosed. Very simple.

You won't even know you crossed the US Mexico Border unless you see this small plaque

US Mexico border. You are in Mexico once you cross the plaque.

Keep walking and follow the signs. Someone will meet you around the corner to take your luggage carrier (if you have one) and offer you a Tijuana Airport carrier. You will then take an escalator, stairs or elevator down to the airport.

This is the unsecure area of the Tijuana airport. Keep walking to the airport counters at the end. If you need help, there are airline ticket counters with personnel that can point you in the right direction.

Usually someone will be at the start of the line to assist you (just show them your ticket). In this case this is the Volaris counter. If no one is there, get in line like any other airport. You can flag someone down.

This is where the boarding area is (some flights leave from upstairs and some downstairs). Most signs are in Spanish and English. You can purchase store items here like any airport in the world.

Returning to the US using Cross Border Xpress (CBX)

When you depart the aircraft follow the signs to the luggage area. You will pass through Mexican customs and may be asked for your passport and tourist visa. Once inside the luggage area, you will need to pick up your bags. You will see both signs and employees from CBX (the employees usually wear purple). They are there to assist you.

Remember you you must have your passport (or other accepted ID), boarding pass & CBX ticket to use CBX.

They will show you where to go to access the pedestrian skybridge back into the CBX building and the US. Do not exit the airport through the regular passenger access as you will not be allow back into to the CBX access (and would need to cross into the US via the regular border at Otay Mesa). If you are confused, stop and ask someone for the CBX access.

Follow the CBX bridge back over the border (remember you can't get lost as there is only one way to go). Take the escalator, stairs or elevator down into the US Customs area. They will ask you to declare your entry into the US, look at your passport and check your luggage. Once this simple process is done, you will walk back into the CBX building and pick up your ride.

Please check their website for current details, to purchase a ticket, or see current photos.