Antonio & the Desert Hawks Fire and Rescue

El Rosario, Baja California
Story & photos from Ted Donovan

Antonio Munoz in central Baja California is really doing great work between El Rosario and Guerrero Negro with The Desert Hawks (Halcones del Desierto). 

Myself, Antonio & driver Michael Emery

While on the Baja XL race in late January we were lucky enough to catch Antonio at his Pemex station. I was not only happy to see an old friend but to also get an update on what he is doing with the organization. On top of that we introduced him to the organizers of the race who may want to sponsor the Desert Hawks in 2021.

There literally are no emergency services between San Quintin and Guerrero Negro - a 225 mile stretch that takes over 4 hours to drive at a minimum. No ambulances, hospitals or fire services. If you get in an accident you may be on your own no matter how serious. Your best hope if you have cel coverage (probably not), a satellite phone or a car comes by and assists you.

This is where the volunteer Desert Hawks are trying to fill the void. He has had locals from El Rosario trained in fire rescue, EMT and search and rescue (including himself). They will send an ambulance to assist you and take you to the closest hospital in either San Quintin or Guerrero Negro. 

Think about that. This volunteer organization will drive hundreds of miles to rescue you and hundreds of miles back to a hospital, The state government will or can not provide this service. 

If you have ever driven central Baja California you know both how beautiful, desolate and possibly dangerous it can be. The roads are barely wide enough for cars driving in both directions, animals (cows, horse, etc) on or next to the road (never drive at night), sleepy or possibly drunk drivers and massive trucks moving cargo north and south every day, all day.

I donated to the cause while at his Pemex station in El Rosario (he also owns the Baja Cactus Motel next door - Highly recommended but currently being remodeled) and I think every Baja traveler should donate whenever they are traveling Baja. If you contact Antonio you can see how to donate to this non-profit.

Not only one of the nicest people you'll meet in Baja, but he is doing something truly incredible.

Emergency Number in Baja: (616) 103-0262

U.S. Website:

Email Antonio at or for more details.

They also have a Facebook page at

Some of the vehicles Desert Hawks has amassed

Antonio holding an image of the future emergency station across the street

Antonio discussing Desert Hawks with the "Doctoras Peligrosas" medical team that follows the race.