La Paz Fish Report - Cold & Windy Week hampers Fishing

Like alot of places in North America this past week…

It’s been COLD in La Paz to go along with some windy weather.  The winds are expected this time of year, but it’s been colder than normal…at least by La Paz standards with us locals bundling up and even the tourists donning the occasional sweatshirt or windbreaker.  Although most look at us kinda strange as they walk around in shorts and flip-flops.

Lots of snowbirds in town and although the temps are in the 60’s and 70’s with the wind, it’s still a lot warmer than where they  live back in places like Minnesota, Wyoming and Alaska!

The climate, of course, affects the ability to be out there fishing.  It’s been hard to put anyone out there and there’s not that many folks wanting to fish anyway. Or, folks that want to fish understandably get discouraged when they see the winds.  Best to just hang out drinking a margarita by the pool!

When folks have been fishing, the better fishing has been tucked in close to shore, especially in areas where you can find some protection from wind and waves.  Therefore, the majority of the fish have been inshore specias like cabrilla, snapper, triggerfish, pargo, jack crevalle and sierra.  All fun and good eating fish.

When there are window’s of calm, there’s still some dorado around running to about 10 or 15 pounds plus some good action on 5-pound bonito.  The larger issue has been finding live bait in which case lures are the most productive way to catch fish.  With rough waters it’s tough to get into the areas where the live bait is holding along the shores and rocks.

I’ve heard a few stories about commercial guys finding some yellowtail as well as some private boaters.  We’ll keep an eye on that!


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